The Come Cycling Ledbury scheme has been set up by members of the Ledbury Area Cycle Forum (LACF), a non-profit group that works to improve cycling facilities and promote cycle use in the East of Herefordshire. Amongst other projects, the Forum was behind the provision of safe off-road cycle/pedestrian pathways to Ledbury primary school, and the upgrading of the Town Trail. The Forum has also published a wide range of cycling maps for sale on this site.

The Come Cycling Ledbury scheme builds on the evident popularity of the area for cycling. Regular local club rides start at the Market House and visiting cyclists find plenty of interest (and cafés, pubs and restaurants!) when they stop in Ledbury. Every October the Cycle Forum organises The Big Apple Bike Ride from Ledbury to the apple festival in Much Marcle ( By dividing the cyclists into a number of groups, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the guided ride at a pace that suits them, and enjoy the Big Apple events before the return trip.

Information for Accommodation Providers

We offer all local cycle-friendly Accommodation Providers a basic listing in our Accommodation pages free of charge. But for a donation of £30, we can provide an enhanced listing: adding up to 50 words of your choosing plus a photo and a link to your website. Your donation will help to ensure that the scheme remains self-financing.

To register for a free entry or an enhanced entry, please download the registration form.

Information for other Cycle Groups

Building on our Ledbury scheme, we would like to encourage other market towns to develop their own Come Cycling websites, to be linked from a national website. Please visit for all the details. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The team: Martin Johnson, Bella Johnson (no relation), Pat Strauss, Colin Palmer.

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